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Condition and sculpt with natural hair care products. Natural hair care products for curly hair. Hair nourishing serum for color treated hair.

Hi Jane,


So I washed, conditioned and blowed out my daughters hair yesterday... and oh my goodness, I could see a huge difference in the way her hair looked and felt compared to the products I was using before. After the Hydrating Invigorating Shampoo (which smelled really minty fresh) I conditioned her hair with the Nutrient Replenishing Conditioner, which made her hair really soft. Then I section off her curly hair in four corners to comb it out with a wide tooth comb as usual (oh boy here comes the rough part, I thought to myself, and so did Victoria, 7). I took each of the four corners, and sprayed her long curly hair down with the Revitalizing Leave-In Conditioner, then commenced to comb through the hair expecting much reisitance from the hair (and my daughter) but to my suprise and delight, her hair was so soft and detangled that the comb went straight through with ease (THANK GOD). This made the blow out process 100% easier and more fun (who knew it could be fun).

After the hair was straighted, I put a few drops of Hair Nourishing Serum in Victoria's hair, it smelled devine (like fresh lemon aromatherapy). When I put it in her hair Victoria said, "Mommy my hair smells delicious!" I agreed with her, it did! The nourishing serum gave her long pretty hair this magnificent shine that I had never seen before, the other brand products I used made her hair heavy and greasy, but the Jane Carter Soultion made her hair light and bouncy. Finally, it was time to put her hair in the classic pigtails she loves so much, so I pulled out the Hair Nurishing Cream to brush Victoria's hair in two pretty twisted ponytails. It made her hair smooth like butter, shiney and beautiful. She loved her hair, I loved her hair and was very impressed by the superior difference that the Jane Carter Solutions products made in her hair. I'm so happy I found this product line, I recommend it to all my friends and family.

When Victoria came home from school today she said, "My friends said that my hair looks so pretty." Her big bright smile was priceless.


Thanks for sending Jane Carter Soultion to Healthtopia Radio. We look forward to working with you soon!

Love and Gratitude,


And "Hold" it does without any residue! My non-relaxed hair is "stylin" with a head full of non-kinky ringlets that lengthen over time ... still looking great after seven days! I remain a huge JC fan ... how else to say "thank you" for a product line that works. Just wish she'd develop a heavy CREAM CONDITIONER ... a moisturizing glob of goo that will strengthen and moisturize our hair.

Thaimari (Arizona)

Hey Jane,

Normally I don't do this but I just had to tell you how much I love your product. My four year old princess has extremely sensitive skin and dry hair. Stuff was too oily, dried her hair even further or broke her out. We tried another product, a "miracle moisturizer" which worked but left an incredible amount of buildup and contained too many ingredients. I kept seeing your products in beauty supply stores and decided to buy the leave-in conditioner and nourishing cream about a month ago. I am now a customer for life. I love the moisture, the shine, and the incredible scent. I am most pleased with the short list of healthy ingredients-very important for a mom like me. And now I use it on my natural hair as well. I am telling everyone to make the switch from the "creme" to the cream!

Dee Gray


Please let Ms. Jane know that I'm really lovin' her product, "Twist & Loc" Butter. I have been sportin' my twists for a week now, and there is no frizz and no flaking, which is usually very standard for me.

I don't want you to think I'm vain, because that is truly not the case. I am just a guy that appreciates looking the very best he naturally can.

I am gonna tell my cousin, James, in Baltimore , Maryland. My cousin is a Loc Tech and enjoys using natural products for his natural hair clients. He has asked me in the past to let him know if I come across a product or products that he is not already aware of, that works. I am definitely recommending this product to him.

I'm gonna also recommend to the stylists in the shop I attend to invest in a jar or two to try out. They really liked it when they saw it applied to my hair.

The texture of the product is smooth, the residue is zero, and the outcome is healthy and naturally shiny hair.....

I'm lovin it!!!

Ms. Jane had asked me to provide my information. It is as follows:

Robin Walker

I saw your advertisement on Naturally Curly. Com's website. I'm 23 years old and for as long as I can remember I have struggled with my long, thick, naturally curly hair. I have lost track of the amount of money I have spent trying to find products that work for me. I was interested in your products because they are all natural, so I ordered your curly hair regimen. As soon as I got it in the mail, I tried and, and I absolutely LOVE your products. After years of wasted time and money, I have finally found products that work for my hair!


You have made me a life-long customer off of my very first order:)

Ashley, MN, USA

Dear Jane,

I just wanted to drop a line of thanks to Jane Carter for ending my tireless search for a product that truly works! I have spent so much money over the past couple of years trying to find something that does what it says it will do and gives me the results I want. My hair is thick, fine and curly and has been impossible to shine and bounce until I discovered the Jane Carter Solution. I will never buy anything else. Everywhere I go, people rave about my hair--even while walking down the streets of NYC --where it's almost impossible to stand out :-)!!!!

Thanks Jane. I will be passing the word to other curly girls I meet.

BTW, if you ever do an infomercial----give me a call!!!!!!!!!

Jasmine Sanders

Dear Jane,
I have used almost every product on earth (cheap & expensive) however, finding your products at Whole Foods and trying them where the best thing I ever discovered! I have longer blondest (very processed hair) and also naturally wavy - most products would dry my hair out and make it looked "burned up" I love the sculpt & condition & finish off with the nourish and shine - my hair looks absolutely the way I want it to every day, even if I choose to shampoo & condition every day as well (with your fantastic shampoo & conditioner as well!) All I can says is thank you for making this great product available to so that every day can be a good and healthy as well hair day! (Also love the smell of the products!)

Thanks!!!! : )

Jackie Bellone

Dear Jane,
I just received my order of the nourish and shine pomade yesterday. I could not wait to try it. First of all the smell is delicious. I put a small amount in my hand as directed, and it melted. I put this on my scalp in sections. I went to comb my hair (thinking I would have a struggle with all my new growth) and the comb glided through my hair with ease. Then I lightly ran what was left in my hand on the rest of my hair down to the ends. I put on my satin scarf and went to bed. This morning I took off my satin scarf and found SOFT, SHINY, & MOISTURIZED HAIR! My hair feels great! Even my new growth and ends are soft! Thank you so much for a wonderful product! Thanks again for the sample of the nourishing cream also. I look forward to ordering from you again!

More than satisfied,

Marcia Pridgen


Dear Jane,

I just wanted to write you a note to thank you for making great products. My entire family uses your line and could not live without it. My daughter and I both love Nourish and Shine. My husband has a very dry scalp and loves the Scalp Renew. I have worn my hair both natural and locked. While doing the show, The Parenthood, I was often under hot lights and lots of stress, thanks to your haircare regimen and great products, my hair always looked healthy and great.

Thanks again,
Suzzanne Douglas

I am a working actress, mother of two active daughters, 5 months pregnant with the third! I can guarantee you, my time to primp is very limited.

When getting ready for an audition I am constantly rushing around trying to look fashionable, hip, and natural. These products allow to do just that. I apply them to my hair and I know I will not have to fuss with my hair for the rest of the day! They also smell good enough to eat.

Nikki Rene

I love The Jane Carter Solution!. My hair is part straight and part curly and tends to be very dry and tangled. I also highlight my hair. Thanks to Jane's Nourish and Shine and Hair Nourishing Serum my hair looks and feels great. I use both of the products in all hairstyles: curly, straight, or in a ponytail. They create great shine, great smell and they vanish all frizzes without making my hair greasy or weighed down. Most of the time I wear my hair curly and condition and sculpt is AMAZING! Condition and Sculpt doesn't flake, it's easy to evenly distribute and the best part is, it does not dry stiff and hard. Also the conditioner is fabulous. I've tried tons of moisturizing conditioners, but none like this one. It adds tons of moisture, shine, bounce, and volume. My hair always feels great when I use these products. Thanks Jane for your amazing products.

Cali Hellerman

I found your gloss and shine product at Chelsea WHOLE FOODS in NYC.

I bought it simply because it smells divine and is natural, not knowing it would be the best conditioning, styling product I have *ever* before used. I have long, fine, but very abundant straight hair which tends to be dry...

I am leaving NYC for the year and am hoping I can still get this product elsewhere. Can it be ordered? It seems the perfect summer hair product. For the past week I have used nothing else, except shampoo.

Excellent work, cute packaging, doesn't drip if you put it in your bag...

Many thanks,
Dianne S. from NYC

Dear Jane, I have been using your products for a month now, and I must commend you for finding a great solution for my hair. I purchased your shampoo, conditioner,  hair cream, and wrap lotion, at Whole Foods in Montclair. Since than I have been able to wash my hair three times a week and still capture the same affect as the first day.

Once again I love your product and will continue to support you as long as I am able to purchase your items in a local area. I would like to know if you could send me some samples of your other products. Thank You and have a Blessful day.

Julie Rogers

I recently purchased your scalp renew product. It is WONDERFUL!!! I am telling everyone I know! Also, in the package you sent me a sample of your nourish and shine! It was ABSOLUTELY wonderful!!! I will be ordering some for me and my mom! It's not greasy and it doesn't weigh your hair down!!! Thanks for such wonderful products!! I even told my beautician about the nourish and shine! I will tell anyone I come in contact with about it!!! Thank you for such honest and good products.

Thank you,
Tashannah Horne

I have tried your wonderful shampoo and the conditioner. It has done wonders for my very dry hair. It is the only product I have used that has softened my gray hair, especially after blow drying. also, your nourish and shine really compliments these products, and not to mention the beautiful fragrance it leaves after all. The shampoo has also relieved the itching in the center of my scalp . Thank you for Jane Carter Solutions, it really is as it says.

A greatful consumer...
Grace M. Abdel-Haqq

Also, my sister is a staunch one product user and not open to change-she mentioned to me that her hair was "tired" and she wished she could find something to help. I told her about Jane Carter Solutions and also shared mine with her, she used it the same day and was delighted with the results.

Finally!!! Something that works with my hair texture. I'm in the process of locking my hair, and it's been a difficult process. I've tried numerous items. I love how your Nourish & Shine product makes my hair feel. My hair looks and feels so healthy. You have a customer for life, so PLEASE don't ever discontinue this product.

Mitzi Bryan

Recently cut all my hair off to start a new phase of easy living. Salon that cut my hair turned me on to your products and now I cannot bear to be without them. Interested in buying by the case please let me know what the cost would be for direct purchase. I buy at the salon 2 to 4 bottles at a time.

Ona Moore-Bradshaw

Great products!!! It holds my hair and is the best I've found yet!

Melissa Isler

I recently ordered and tried your Condition & Sculpt treatment and I truly LOVE IT! Before I started using this particular product I used those heavy and drying gels to hold my curly hair style. Well, never again. Thank you for this wonderful treatment and I look forward to using your other products too. Happy New Year!

Charlene Strickland

I love your products. After much searching I finally found them at the Whole Foods is Chelsea, NY. Most hair care products weigh my hair down and make it greasy. When I went to a salon that used your hair oil, I thought it would do the same, but it didn't. It provides shine without making it heavy and oily.

Thanks for making a line of products for black hair that really work!!!!!!!!!

Heather Catoliena

Thank you for creating such a wonderful product! My image is important as a soon to be bride (days away now!) and a life coach. I found your product just in time! I transitioned from natural hair to relaxed hair recently and was having terrible breakage, a problem I had had over the years when moving from natural to relaxed. I thought, “Here we go again!” My new stylist introduced me to your product and within a week I noticed considerably less breakage and within two weeks it had virtually stopped! A miracle! I really didn’t think there was any hope for my hair that was, according to my new stylist “exploding from the inside of the shaft”. Thanks again for your product ( I will be expanding to include other products as soon as I get to a nearby Whole Foods).

Alissa Gardenhire, Ph.D.


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