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The other day I ‘googled’ Jane Carter Solution to see where our name appeared. Much to my surprise we were talked about on some really great blogs, but the best was an unsolicited product review on You Tube. I check from time to time to see if there are any Jane Carter users that may be unhappy with our products or have a recommendation on what we could do to improve or add to the line. Occasionally when I’m having a ‘human’ moment, the positive feedback and inspiration that I get from the people that have supported us through all of our growing pains is much needed and inspires me to ‘keep it movin’. As a result of so many of our friends and customers, generously sharing their personal experiences, we decided to create the Ambassador program.

The Ambassador program invites you to share your Jane Carter hair care experiences on our blog, verbally to your friends, through email and at church on Sunday. All of this communication keeps us connected and accountable to always strive to do a better job at creating great products, using the best ingredients, supporting the initiatives that make the planet a better place and keeping integrity in our game….. So if you would like to become an Ambassador of Jane Carter Solution products and share your experience of Jane Carter products by handing out samples to friends and family members, please fill out the information below and forward it to us. We will send you samples and brochures to hand out so that the people you know and love can experience the results of natural based products. You will also receive coupons to receive discounts on your future purchases.

As most of you know we are a small company in the grand scheme of the beauty business. Every time I visit a store and see Jane Carter products standing proudly on the shelf next to a major brand like Loreal, I know that we are there because of you.

Recently I had a CEO of a major brand ask us how we got this far. He was amazed that without a marketing department and a major advertising budget, we were holding our own and in some ways competing with their multi-million dollar brand. I just smiled and said “never underestimate the power of the juicy grapevine”! It’s a conversation that you can’t buy. It’s a result of building a company from your soul and not just from the statistics that your marketing department provided.

Part of our mission is to be the unheard voice of women globally that struggle with finding good hair care products, that struggle with understanding why we have to look so hard and long to find them and would just like to love their hair for what it is and what it isn’t.
I’m inspired and in awe of every consumer that invests in our brand and its because of you, that we are embarking on the journey to become one of the first woman owned, minority owned, global household brands.

And for that, I thank you for your love, prayers and unending support….jane

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